Wet Processing Pilot Plant

About the Center for Crops Utilization Research

Innovative Research Solutions

CCUR has been been exploring new food, feed, and non-food industrial uses for agricultural materials for over 30 years.

The Center for Crops Utilization Research (CCUR), established in 1984, is a multidisciplinary research, development, and technology transfer program in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University. CCUR is focused on new processes, products, and markets for corn, soybeans and other Midwest crops.

CCUR explores new food, feed, and non-food industrial uses for agricultural materials, and focuses on problem-oriented research directed at expanding midwestern crop utilization. CCUR's mission would not be possible without its modern pilot plant facilities and research labs. By contracting with CCUR and using the Center's equipment and expertise, commercial participants have found a cost-effective way to test new products and processes without interrupting their own full-scale production systems.


To identify, coordinate, facilitate and foster mission-oriented interdisciplinary research (both basic and applied), development, technology transfer, and commercialization activities that will increase and enhance utilization of Midwestern crops, and create new agricultural utilization enterprises in Iowa.


No grain or crops should leave the state without “adding value”, Iowa remains the world’s primary source of food and feed ingredients, biofuels and biobased products, and ISU becomes the internationally recognized source of new crop-utilization technologies.


  • Develop new product and process technologies to increase the demand for crops and to stimulate economic development
  • Replace petrochemical-derived products with those derived from agricultural resources (biorenewables)
  • Channel the application of biotechnology to increase end-use value and to enhance grain utilization
  • Transfer new technologies to the private sector and encourage successful commercialization