Bioprocessing Research Group




The aim of the Bioprocessing Group is to develop methodology to use microbes to convert plant biomass into liquid fuels and to add further value to byproducts to make microbial conversion of plant biomass more economical. Research in this group focuses on using fungi to convert the main component of plants, lignocellulosic material into ethanol. Research is also focused on the microbial beneficiation of food processing co-products to add value. Such processing can add much value and lead to major savings compared with conventional reprocessing.

Bioprocessing Research Group

Bioprocessing Research Group

News & Updates

Improving Ethanaol Production Project Scaled Up

Hans van Leeuwen has moved his ethanol production project from a laboratory to a pilot plant. [Read more]

van Leeuwen named Innovator of the Year

Hans van Leeuwen has been named R&D Magazine's 2009 Innovator of the Year. [Read more]

Research team wins R&D 100 Award

A team of 10 Iowa State researchers win an R&D 100 for their work to use a microscopic fungus to produce biodiesel from plant processing wastes. [Read more]

Research team wins grand prize from AAEE

A multidisciplinary team of researchers has been selected to receive the Grand Prize for University Research for the entry “Single cell bio-oil from an integrated fungal lignocellulosic biorefinery.” [Read more]

Researchers win R&D 100 Award for ethanol project

Researchers have won national recognition for their work to improve the efficiency of the corn-to-ethanol conversion process. [Read more]