Extruder, Twin-screw, Large

Extruder, Twin-Screw, Large


Leistritz Extrusions Technik Gmbh


Mic 27/GI-40D


Available for scheduled use. Contact Hui Wang at huiwang@iastate.edu or (515) 294-3572 for availability.

Power Specifications


Motor: Mic 27/GI-40D
Power (Wattage): 0.1-10.5 kW
Voltage/Amperage: 34-310V/0.45-1.15A
Speed/Frequency :500 rpm (Screw)


Motor: Siemens
Power (Wattage): 14.9 kW
Voltage/Amperage: 440-470V/34.8-37A
Speed/Frequency: 3400 rpm @ 60 Hz.


Standard Operating Procedure (PDF)

Extrusion is a process by which a material is extruded into a constant profile shape through a die. This extruder can accommodate both single- and twin-screw applications. Single-screw extrusion uses one screw within a cylindrical barrel to continuously push the material through the die. Twin-screw extrusion is used to generate a superior mixture compared to single-screw extrusion. Two screws are used within a figure-8-shaped barrel. Twin screws are usually used to compound or blend two or more different materials.