Freeze Dryer, 8-tray

Freeze Dryer, 8-tray


The VirTis Company, Inc.


Virtis Ultra 35-SL


Available for scheduled use. Contact John Strohl at or (515) 294-0306 for availability.

Power Specifications

Motor: VirTis Single-Phase (Phase 1)
Motor Machine Identification Item: #313882, S/N 207831 Voltage/Amperage/Frequency: 208-230V/17.5A/60 Hz.


Standard Operating Procedure (PDF)

The VirTis Ultra 35-SL, 8-tray, freeze dryer (lyophilizer) is designed for the removal of water from product materials under very carefully controlled conditions of vacuum and temperature. This process takes solid water (ice) and converts it to a gaseous phase (vapor) and then deposits this freed moisture in the condenser.¬†Moisture that is converted to gas is easily removed without damaging the crystalline structure of the product caused by freezing ice crystals. Therefore, this protects the product’s structural integrity and ensures ease of rehydration when the product is used.¬†