Jet Cooker with Pump and Hydro-heater

Jet Cooker with Pump and Hydro-heater


Hydro-Thermal Corporation


Available for scheduled use. Contact Hui Wang at or (515) 294-3572 for availability.

Power Specifications

Motor: General Electric
Power: 3/4 HP
Voltage/Amperage: 200V/3.8A
Motor Speed/Frequency: 1725 rpm @ 60 Hz.


Standard Operating Procedure (PDF)

Jet cookers are used to mash samples by direct contact with steam, therefore, they should be connected to only culinary steam, as house steam is contaminated with inedible boiler additives. In an ethanol production unit, automatic hydro-heaters are being used to “cook” corn slurries in plants producing up to 60-million gallons of alcohol per year. Jet cookers are commonly used for both enzymatic and acid conversion processes. In smaller plants, delivering up to 3-million gallons per year, complete liquefaction and saccharification systems are used.