Mixer, Planetary Food

Mixer, Planetary Food


Doyon Incorporated




Available for scheduled use. Contact Hui Wang at huiwang@iastate.edu or (515) 294-3572 for availability.

Power Specifications

Motor: Doyon Model SM-402-NA
Horsepower/Wattage: 1.5 HP/1.2 Kw
Voltage/Amperage: 220V/14-18A (requires 240VAC/20A circuit)
Frequency: 60 Hz


Standard Operating Procedure (PDF)

The Doyon Planetary Dough Mixer, Model SM-402-NA, consists of a static bowl and an agitator, which moves rapidly around the bowl to mix food contents. The mixer can be used to stir, whip and blend foods and/or dough. This 40-quart (10-gallon) mixer has a finish dough capacity of 13.5 Kg (30 lbs). The mixer has a net shipping weight of 239 Kg (525 lbs). The unit comes with three types of agitator attachments and a slicer attachment.