Test Kitchen and Sensory Labs

The laboratory and test kitchen are used for testing the sensory properties of new food products, ingredients, or the effects of different preparation techniques. The facility has consumer and institutional kitchens, food ingredient preparation and handling areas, and descriptive analysis laboratories. The sensory areas incorporate odor- and light-controlled booths for the individual members of trained panels.

Fee Schedule

Kitchens (Additional cost for fryers or convection oven may apply)

Daily: $250

Sensory Evaluation Booths with Computers

Per Session: $70

Sensory Evaluation Booths without Computers

Per Session: $35

Sensory Evaluations

Descriptive Analysis (10 panelists, 2-5 samples, 3-5 attributes, 6 training sessions, 3 test sessions): $3,800
Consumer Preference/Acceptability (8-10 panelists, 3-5 samples): $4,200
Difference Test (50 panelists, 2 samples): $1,800

Test Kitchen

Test Kitchen

Sensory Booth Area

Sensory Booth Area