Research Labs

Grain Technology Lab
Grain Technology Lab

CCUR has an assortment of research labs that are available for bench-scale processing. Each lab is furnished with a variety of equipment.

Bioprocessing Engineering Lab

Provides processing of cereals and legumes for food and feed ingredients.

Carbohydrate Chemistry Lab

Analyzes carbohydrates and carbohydrate structures.

Grain Quality Lab

Provides grain quality analysis services for genetic traits and commercial uses.

Grain Technology Lab

Provides proximate analysis of grain composition and quality.

Oilseed Utilization Lab

Offers analysis and value-added processing of fats, oils, and lipids.

Bioprocessing Engineering Lab

Provides assistance for determining the logistical and economic feasibilities of scaling up experimental processing technologies from the laboratory bench to the pilot plant.

Protein Lab

Offers protein analysis and evaluation of protein extraction, separation, and food and industrial product application processes.