Fermentation Facility Capabilities and Fee Schedule

Download the equipment list and fee schedule (PDF)

Prices are external rates only.

Charges are based on a daily rate unless otherwise noted. Published fees are for cost estimation purposes only. Fees are subject to change based on specific circumstances. Fermentor prices include labor for a standard fermentation. Operating and safety training is required for equipment operation by clients.

Staff Assistance

Fermentation Facility Personnel: $116 per hour

Lab and Pilot Plant Equipment

Benchtop Fermentors

1-Liter, 5-Liter

Set-up: $300 | Daily: $70 | Monthly: NA

Sterilizable-in-place Fermentors


Set-up: $500 | Daily: $160


Set-up: $720 | Daily: $270


Set-up: $1,075 | Daily: $450


Set-up: $1,075 | Daily: 450

Cell Harvesting Equipment

Amicon DC 10-Liter Hollow Fiber Unit

Set-up: $240 | Hourly: $80

CEPA Z-41 Centrifuge (labor for cleaning not included)

Set-up $200 | Hourly: $50

Sharples A-26 Centrifuge (labor for cleaning not included)

Set-up: $240 | Hourly: $70

French Pressure Cell Press (40-ml cell)

Daily: $70

Freeze Drying Equipment

Virtis Ultra-35 Freeze Dryer: Bulk Drying

Set-up: $160 | Daily: $55

Virtis Ultra-35 Freeze Dryer: Vacuum Sealing Pure Cultures in Vials

Daily: $430

Virtis Unitrap II Freeze Dryer

Set-up: $100 | Daily: $25

Flask Shakers

Bench-scale Shakers (orbital or reciprocating)

Daily: $20

Lab-Line Orbital Shaker (floor-standing)

Daily: $30

BioCentury Research Farm Equipment



Set-up: $500 | Daily: $500


Set-up: $1,000 | Daily: $500


Set-up: $3,000 | Daily: $1,000


Set-up: $4,800 | Daily: $1,200

Downstream Processing Equipment

80-Gallon Process Tank: $56
350-Gallon Process Tank: $64
20-Gallon Reactor: $400
70-Liter Jacketed Mixing Vessel: $72
125-Liter Jacketed Mixing Vessel: $96
250-Liter Jacketed Mixing Vessel: $144
Distillation Tower: $1,680
Falling Film Evaporator: $1,200
Sharples Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge: $600
Membrane-filtration unit, MPMC: $600
Portable Pumps: $20-50
Rotary Steam Tube Drying System for DDGS: $1,136