Fermentation Facility: Services

Research using benchtop fermentor

Researcher using a benchtop fermentor.

The Fermentation Facility offers a wide range of services to industry clients and Iowa State University researchers to assist in the development of new fermentation technologies and provide fermentation equipment at a reasonable cost.

Available Services

  • Controlled growth of microorganisms from benchtop (1- to 5-liter) to pilot scale (15- to 115-liter) working volume capacities
  • Simultaneous and long-term fermentations
  • Parallel benchtop-scale fermentations
  • Continuous and batch fermentations
  • Downstream processing including centrifugation, ultrafiltration, and freeze-drying
  • Training for industry personnel and university students

Expert Assistance

Expert assistance is available for biotechnology courses or workshops. Additionally, training of graduate students and technicians in the operation of batch and continuous fermentation fermentors and microbial culture maintenance and preservation is available.

Parallel Benchtop-scale Fermentations

Users have the opportunity to simultaneously run multiple benchtop fermentations. In this way, experimental designs that would take months to complete with one fermentor can be completed in weeks by using a multiple-unit array. Every attempt will be made to assist researchers with scheduling.

Long-term Fermentations

Some continuous and batch fermentations require as much as 6- to 10-month use of one or more fermentors. Every attempt will be made to assist researchers with scheduling and execution of these projects.

Freeze Drying

A pilot plant-scale freeze dryer is available for scheduled use. The dryer is a Virtis Ultra-35 eight-shelf freeze dryer with stoppering capability and can be used for either bulk drying or producing dry product in vacuum sealed vials.