Ajinomoto Donates Benchtop Fermentors

Ajinomoto North America, Inc. of Eddyville, Iowa, donated six New Brunswick Scientific BioFlo 3000 benchtop fermentors to the Center for Crops Utilization Research (CCUR) Fermentation Facility. This donation increases CCUR’s benchtop fermentation capabilities to eight benchtop units.

“We will be able to accommodate more clients and give individual clients the option of using multiple fermentors for parallel studies,” said John Strohl, manager of the Fermentation Facility.

The fermentors have some of the same features as the Fermentation Facility’s BioFlo 310 computer controlled units, which is important for parallel studies and reproducibility. Each fermentor has a working volume capacity of five liters, and the vessels are compatible with the facility’s other benchtop fermentors.

Three of the donated units will be installed in the Fermentation Facility. Two units will be placed in one of Zhiyou Wen’s research labs and will be used for syngas fermentation only. Wen, an associate professor of food science, is also professor-in-charge of the Fermentation Facility. One fermentor will be installed in a lab at the BioCentury Research Farm. This will give researchers access to a benchtop fermentor to support work done in the biochemical train.

The fermentors are available for collaborative research and fee-for-service projects. Contact Zhiyou Wen, (515) 294-0426 or wenz@iastate.edu, or John Strohl, (515) 294-0306 or jstrohl@iastate.edu, for more information.