Food Technologies Research

Center for Crops Utilization Research food scientists are developing new food processes and products. Below are projects underway:

A Novel Use of Egg Yolk Protein and Lecithin to Create Oleosomes Containing Stabilized N-3 Oils

Project Investigators: Tong Wang and Hui Wang
Funding: Iowa Egg Council

Development of GEM Line Starch to Improve Nutritional Value and Biofuel Production

Project Investigators: Jay-lin Jane
Funding: Agricultural Research Service-USDA

Protein Utilization: Advanced Soybean Refineries

Project Investigators: Lawrence Johnson, Patricia Murphy, Michael Persia, Tong Wang, Stephanie Jung, and Charles Glatz
Funding: National Institute of Food and Agriculture-USDA

Scale-up Processing of Resistant Maltodextrin

Project Investigators: Jay-lin Jane, Lynne Mumm and Hongxin Jiang
Funding: Grain Processing Corporation and IPRT Company Assistance

Midwest Dairy Foods Research Center

Project Investigators: Stephanie Clark, Aubrey Mendonca, Byron Brehm-Stecher, Lance Baumgard, and Terri Boylston
Funding: Midwest Dairy Association

Detection of Raw Milk Prone to Develop Spontaneous Oxidized Off-flavor

Project Investigators: Terri Boylston and Stephanie Clark
Funding: University of Minnesota

Shelf-life Determination of Three Soy Flours

Project Investigators: Lester Wilson, Lynne Mumm, and Terri Boylston
Funding: Harvest Innovations

Nonthermal Processing of Milk Products

Project Investigators: Terri Boylston
Funding: University of Minnesota

Modification of a Milk Protein Concentrate (MPC) Ingredient and Evaluation for Potential Applications

Project Investigators: Buddhi Lamsal and Stephanie Clark
Funding: University of Minnesota

Prevention of Oxidative Off-flavors to Maximize Quality and Shelf Life of Fluid Milk

Project Investigators: Stephanie Clark, Terri Boylston, and Donald Beitz
Funding: University of Minnesota

Development and Testing of Smoothie Product

Project Investigators: Lester Wilson and Lynne Mumm
Funding: RWFR, Inc.

Processing Identity Preserved Soy Protein Concentrates and Isolates from Food Grade Soybeans

Project Investigators: Lawrence Johnson and George Kraus
Funding: Harvest Innovations and IPRT Company Assistance