Introduction to Sample Cards


The materials on this web site have proven to be extremely useful in teaching the processing and utilization of oilseeds and cereals for undergraduate and graduate courses. These materials have also been useful in training university outreach or extension personnel on ways to add value to crops and in introductory training of industry personnel, from operations to management, as well as in technical sales and product training applications.

A major benefit of using the sample cards is that students can see original materials, intermediate fractions and products, ingredients used in consumer products, as well as final products that consumers readily recognize, all in the context of how they are produced. The sample cards show how fractions are recovered; converted into ingredients, industrial chemicals, fuels, and biobased products; and used to manufacture finished products.

Sample Cards

The sample cards provide flow sheets of common methods used to process oilseeds and cereals into food and feed ingredients and products, biofuels, and biobased products. Other sample cards show grading standards and types of oilseeds and cereals. There are 32 sample cards for oilseeds, 42 cards for cereals, and four cards for biomass. Additional cards will be added as need is identified. The sample cards are provided in PDF format for easy viewing and printing.

How to Use this Web Site

Detailed instructions for using the sample cards can be found in Chapter 6 of Teaching Innovations in Lipid Sciences.

Sample cards can be printed out individually or compiled into a workbook. Instructions for creating workbooks can be found on this site. A list of additional resources to supplement the sample cards are provided. Two posters on corn and soybean processing and utilization are also available for downloading.

Instructions on how to mount dry and liquid samples to the sample cards are discussed. Pictures of dry and liquid samples are now available on most sample cards.