Research and Development Services

Partnering with CCUR

CCUR offers a variety of ways faculty and companies can collaborate depending on their research needs.

  • Cooperative Research Projects
    Companies can work jointly with CCUR faculty and staff on research and development projects.
  • Fee for service:
    Develop new products or conduct research using CCUR facilities, equipment and expertise. This includes equipment and space rental and assistance with equipment usage.
  • Industry Assistance Programs

Grant Development and Commercialization

CCUR assists affiliated Iowa State faculty with development of industry collaborative grant proposals and coordinates administration of contracts and results reporting. Faculty members can receive help connecting and working with private companies to commercialize technologies developed in their research programs.

Clerical Support

CCUR staff offer accounting services and clerical support for CCUR appropriated projects.

Lab and Pilot Plant Services Fee Schedule

Staff Assistance:

Professional and Scientific Staff: $135 (per hour)
Student Equipment Operator: $40 (per hour)

Analytical Services:

Crude Free Fat (Oil) Content (Goldfisch extraction method, includes duplicate replications): $40
Total Nitrogen and Protein Content (Dumas method using the Vario-Max CN Analyzer, includes duplicate replications): $20
Moisture and Solids Content (AACC Standards Methods using convection oven, includes duplicae replications): $20

Corn Milling:

Dry Corn Milling (1 kg product only): Call for Quote
Dry Corn Milling (1 kg product and mass balance): Call for Quote
Wet Corn Milling (100 g product only): $500
Wet Corn Milling (100 g product and mass balance): $750
Wet Corn Milling (1 kg product only): $1,000
Wet Corn Milling (1 kg product and mass balance): $1,300
Wet Corn Milling (10 kg product only): $2,500
Wet Corn Milling (10 kg product and mass balance): $3,000

Sensory Evaluations:

Descriptive Analysis (10 panelists, 2-5 samples, 3-5 attributes, 6 training sessions, 3 test sessions): $3,800
Consumer Preference/Acceptability (8-10 panelists, 3-5 samples): $4,200
Difference Test (50 panelists, 2 samples): $1,800

Soy Processing:

Feed-grade Soybean Extraction (1 bu soybeans): $2,310
Food-grade soybean Extraction (1 bu soybeans): $2,640
Soy Protein Concentration (Acid washed, 15 kg soy meal): $3,000
Soy Protein Isolation (15 kg soy meal): $5,000