Aspirator, small

Aspirator, small

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The Carter-Day Aspirator is used to separate light material from heavy material. This fractionating-aspirator tester makes exacting separations of material that has been processed by other sizing machines for length, width and thickness.  Secondary separations of material fractions are made in a tapering air duct.  A practical example is in fractionating fragments of soy kernels following grinding in a mill such as a corrugated mill. The latter fractures and strips the hulls from the soybeans, and grinds the beans into fragments of various sizes.  The aspirator uses a current of air to remove the papery hull fragments and separate the soybean fragments according to size and weight. This vertically rising air stream lifts light material out of the air column and into an expansion chamber, as the heavy product falls from the air column into a large drawer (product pan).  The lighter material discharges from the expansion chamber and into one of three smaller bins (lifting pans 1, 2, and 3), with pan #3 collecting the lightest material.  If the product is too large to flow into the expansion chamber, there is a lever that moves the panel directly below the roller allowing the product into the chamber to be separated.  On the very top of the machine there is an air-flow lever that will adjust the strength at which the product can be aspirated. 


Motor: Reliance Electric S-2000 Duty Master, Type CS/Single-Phase/AC Motor
Power: 1/3 HP
Voltage/Amperage: 115/230V; 6.4/3.2A
Speed/Frequency: 1725 rpm (motor)/400 rpm (pulley) @ 60 Hz