Baking oven, rotating

Baking oven, rotating

Available for scheduled use. Contact Hui Wang at or (515) 294-3572 for availability.


The Reel & Rotary Hearth Test Baking Oven manufactured by National Manufacturing utilizes mechanical translation and air convection suitable for the laboratory testing of baked goods.  Four separate baking shelves moving in a “Ferris Wheel” fashion around a main horizontal-center shaft result in even baking on all shelves.  This basic design helps to eliminate hot or cold spots during the baking process.  The welded steel frame, completely insulated, with stainless-steel interior and exterior surfaces provides lasting durability.  A glass window in the oven door and an internal oven light allow for visual inspection of the products throughout the baking process.  Two moisture-control vents are located on the top side of the oven.  Shelf rotation automatically stops when the oven door is opened.


Dimensions (W x D x H): 36″W x 45″D x 81″H  (915 mm x 1143 mm x 2058 mm)
Oven Volume: 9 cubic feet (0.26 cubic m)
Weight: 750 lbs. (341 Kg)
Power Supply (Voltage & Frequency): 208/230 VAC, Single-Phase,50 Hz or 60 Hz.
Power Consumption: 3.6 kW
Baking Capacity: 8 one-pound (500-gram) loaves or 16 “pup” (100-gram) loaves
Baking Sheet Dimensions: 12″W x 9.6″D (305 mm x 245 mm)