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Iowa State University–Cedar Rapids, Iowa Partnership

Iowa State University and Cedar Rapids, Iowa LogosIowa State University and the City of Cedar Rapids have created a unique public-private partnership to foster increased interactions between faculty research and the city’s agricultural, food and bioprocessing industries. This partnership will support companies in Cedar Rapids by providing a connection to the resources and research available at Iowa State. It will identify opportunities for collaboration with Iowa State scientists, engineers, extension and economic development.

To learn about possible opportunities for your company, contact:

David Connolly, AICP
Senior Economic Development Specialist
City of Cedar Rapids

Ray Klein
Office of College Partnerships
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
30 Curtiss Hall
Ames, IA 50011-1050
phone: 515-294-3303
cell: 515-290-0046

Areas of Research Excellence at Iowa State University

  • Algal cultivation systems
  • Biobased polymers, plastics, composites, adhesives and coatings
  • Biochemical conversion of biomass and dry-grind ethanol production
  • Biomass cropping systems
  • Fats and oils chemistry and processing
  • Fermentation technologies and products
  • Grain quality testing
  • Nutraceuticals and functional foods
  • Plant fractionation
  • Starch chemistry and utilization
  • Soy protein chemistry and utilization
  • Thermochemical conversion of biomass using fast pyrolysis, gasification and solvent liquefaction

Resources Available to Cedar Rapids

Five programs at Iowa State University offer facilities and services for commercialization of agricultural processing technologies. The facilities and expertise cover bench-scale to pre-commercial scale projects, which can be structured as fee for service, faculty-industry collaborations, or faculty-led.

EDIROffice of Economic Development and Industry Relations

2711 South Loop Drive, Suite 4501, Ames Iowa 50010
(515) 294-7444

The Office of Economic Development and Industry Relations (EDIR) connects companies and individuals with university capabilities and expertise in business and techdnical assistance, research and development, facilities (including laboratories and equipment) and workforce development. EDIR provides that single point of contact or one-stop shop to make it easier to connect and work with the university.


Iowa State University Research ParkISU Research Park Corporation

2711 South Loop Drive, Suite 4050, Ames, Iowa 50010
(515) 296-PARK

The ISU Research Park (ISURP) is a development with 430,000 square feet of building space currently serving 60+ tenants and employing 1,600. The ISURP serves tenants and/or affiliates of any size, from start-ups to multinational corporations, offering incubation and suite space, shared equipment and conference rooms as well as university and area connections. While closely connected with the university, the ISURP is operated independently to help tenants reach proprietary goals.

The Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship, located at the ISURP, provides business development assistance to incubation and growth stage companies. The ISURP is currently undergoing a significant expansion that will double its developable space, include amenities such as shared use paths, a park, restaurant, fitness center, medical clinic and child care facility. At full build out, ISURP projects approximately one million square feet of developed space and more than 6,000 employees.

Iowa State University Bioeconomy InstituteBioeconomy Institute

1140 Biorenewables Research Laboratory
Ames, Iowa 50011
(515) 294-3759

The Bioeconomy Institute (BEI) seeks to advance the use of biorenewable resources for the production of fuels, energy, chemicals and materials. BEI is housed in the Biorenewables Research Laboratory (BRL), a $32 million research and teaching laboratory offering bench- and small pilot-scale biomass research facilities. BEI has capabilities in:

  • Thermochemical conversion of biomass
  • Biological and chemical catalysis
  • Syngas fermentation
  • Biomass and bio-oil analysis

Iowa State University Center for Crops Utilization Research (CCUR) Food Science BuildingCenter for Crops Utilization Research

1041 Food Sciences Building, Ames, Iowa 50011
(515) 294-0160

The Center for Crops Utilization Research offers bench- and small pilot-scale biofuels, biobased products, feed and food processing research capabilities in:

  • Wet and dry processing
  • Industrial products processing
  • Process development
  • Fermentation facility (rated BL2, up to 115 liters)
  • Test kitchen and sensory facilities
  • Cold Storage
  • Business incubator
  • Office Space
  • Project development assistance

Iowa State University BioCentury Research Farm (BCRF)BioCentury Research Farm

1327 U Avenue, Boone, Iowa 50036
(515) 296-6300

The BioCentury Research Farm (BCRF) offers opportunities for large pilot-scale research in biomass production, harvest, transport, storage, and preparation; biorefinery processing and laboratory testing. BCRF facilities include:

  • Biomass production (1,000+ acres)
  • Dry biomass feedstock storage
  • Biomass feedstock preparation
  • Wet and dry fractionation
  • Fast pyrolysis and thermal gasification (200 kg/day)
  • Algae production
  • Fermentation and distillation (50 to 1,000 liters)
  • Biopolymers processing
  • Cold storage
  • Business incubator
  • Office space