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Working in the Wet Processing Pilot Plant

The Center for Crops Utilization Research (CCUR) is home to some of the best laboratory, processing, and training facilities at Iowa State University. 14,000 square feet of pilot plant processing and support space is available for wet processing, dry processing, fermentation and product recovery, industrial product development, food preparation, and consumer and sensory testing.

CCUR provides companies access to cost-effective processing and production systems to help take their ideas to the next level. The center offers equipment ranging from lab to pilot plant pre-commercial scales. More than 260 pieces of manufacturing equipment can be configured into integrated systems solutions depending on the needs of the faculty or industry client.

The center offers a variety of technologies for crops separation and conversion into food, feed, and biorenewables products including oil and protein extraction, wet corn milling, oils refining, baking, canning, dairy processing, pelleting, injection molding, grinding, sieving, drying, and extrusion. Analytical testing equipment supportive of these manufacturing methods and temperature-controlled storage spaces are available. Utility connections have been designed to allow for rapid rearrangement and modification of processing machinery and related equipment.

CCUR’s facilities are used for courses taught in the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering and the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition. The labs and pilot plants provide Iowa State students hands-on exposure to the latest equipment and technology they will encounter in their future professions. Senior capstone projects and food product development teams have access to equipment and staff support to help develop their ideas for commercial products.

CCUR's Facilities

Wet Processing Pilot Plant

Dry Processing Pilot Plant

Technology Transfer Pilot Plant

Fermentation Facility

Test Kitchen and Sensory Evaluation Labs

Technology Transfer Theatre and Conference Rooms

Industry Incubator Program