Feeder, variable speed - MODMS-1G-2A

Schenck Accurate, Inc. MODMS-1G-2A Feeder
Schenck Accurate, Inc.

Available for scheduled use. Contact Jordan Funkhouser at jfunk@iastate.eduu or (515) 294-3572 for availability.


Schenck-Accurate dry-material feeders are used to automate the feeding of materials into extruders and eliminate the manual handling of ingredients.  The Schenck-Accurate dry-material feeder handles a wide variety of fine powders, flakes, granules, chips and pellets.  The cost-efficient feeding solution for free to moderately flowing bulk solids does not make any compromises when it comes to performance.  Customized for the application, it feeds reliably and extremely accurate with a value of over ±0.5%, with excellent feeding constancy within the same accuracy range.  The unique design of the flexible feed hopper, with its axially symmetrical container inlet, flexible wall and external discharging aid, ensure a reliable product flow into the feed hopper; therefore, ensuring excellent feeding quality without excessive bridging and deposit.


Motor Model: NORD Type SK 71/4
Power/Wattage: Two ½ HP/0.37 kW motors
Voltage/Amperage: 230/460V; 1.9/0.95A each
Speed/Frequency: 1720 rpm @ 60 Hz.

Feeding Motor

Motor Model: NORD SK 80L H/4
Power/Wattage: 1 HP/0.75 kW
Voltage/Amperage: 230/460V; 3.88/1.94A
Speed/Frequency: 1780 rpm @ 60 Hz.

Stirring Motor

Motor Model: NORD SK 715/4
Power/Wattage: 0.34 HP/0.25 kW
Voltage/Amperage: 230/460V; 1.56/0.78A
Speed/Frequency: 1710 rpm @ 60 Hz.