Fermentation Facility

Using the 5-L bench-top fermenter, Center for Crops Utilization Research
Using the 5-L bench-top fermenter.

The Fermentation Facility is designed to help researchers develop new fermentation technologies and products and provide bench- and pilot-scale fermentation and downstream processing equipment.

The facility has equipment for scaling up the production of industrially important chemicals, chemical feedstocks, enzymes, and genetically modified organisms. Researchers have access to state-of-the-art equipment and expertise in the areas of microbial fermentation and product recovery.

The Fermentation Facility is managed by the Center for Crops Utilization Research with additional funding provided by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

To discuss how the Fermentation Facility can assist you, contact:

Zhiyou Wen
Director, Center for Crops Utilization Research

1041 Food Sciences Building
536 Farm House Lane 
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa 50011-1054
(515) 294-0426


The Fermentation Facility offers a wide range of services to industry clients and Iowa State University researchers to assist in the development of new fermentation technologies and provide fermentation equipment at a reasonable cost. View a list of the fermentation and downstream processing equipment.

Fermentation Services

  • Research and development of fermentation process development and scale up
  • Fee-for-service of fermentation process at large scale

Downstream Processing Services

  • Cell harvest continuous centrifuge
  • Cell concentration through membrane filtration
  • Cell homogonization
  • Produce drying through spray drying, freeze drying, drum drying and tray drying

Expert Assistance and Training

Our technical staff has experience scaling up commercially relevant processes, chemicals and materials. Training of graduate students and technicians in the operation of batch and continuous fermentation fermenters and microbial culture maintenance and preservation is available. Workshops are available on fermentations at bench scale (5-L), large scale (1,000-L) and downstream processing.

Using the 1,000-L fermenter, Center for Crops Utilization Research
Using the 1,000-L fermenter.