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Filtration Engineers, American Machine and Metals, Inc. rotary vacuum drum filter
Filtration Engineers, American Machine and Metals, Inc.

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The rotary vacuum drum filter is used to dewater a slurry, such as a starch or protein suspension. It mainly consists of a rotating drum, which is covered with filter cloth, a vacuum pump and other accessories. The drum is submerged in a tank of the slurry. As the drum rotates, the slurry is sucked through the cloth. As the drum rotates out of the slurry bath, the cake is dewatered. This drying is caused by the vacuum continuously being drawn through the cake in the exposed section of the drum. At the end of the rotation cycle, dewatered cake is discharged and the process repeats itself. This machine is suitable to dewater the slurry of chalky solids, which do not clog the filter cloth (selection of the filter cloth is key to good performance).


Motor: Reeves, Model P56E3052M-KM
Horsepower: 1 HP
Voltage/Amperage: 208-220V/440V; 1.3A/2.6A
Speed/Frequency: 1425-1725 rpm @ 60 Hz.
Size: 20” diameter x 12” face filter, 33% submergence.