Filter press, plate and frame

Star Systems, The Hilliard Corporation #12-12A/SS/RO/BD Plate and Frame Filter Press
Star Systems, The Hilliard Corporation

Available for scheduled use. Contact Jordan Funkhouser at or (515) 294-3572 for availability.


The Star Systems round, plate-and-frame filter press was designed to separate solids from liquids. The filter press is are fabricated from #304 stainless-steel bar stock, plates and tubular steel with no cast parts. The press consists of a press screw, a stack of filter plates and frames, and a heavy-duty stand. The standard-unit maximum design pressure is 60 psi and can be used at temperatures as high as 425°F (218°C). The material to be filtered is pumped through the filter system which consists of paper filter media between each plate and frame that allows liquid to pass through while trapping the solids. The solids form a “cake” that is left inside the frames after the filtration cycle is complete. The media functions as parallel filters. One drop of oil passes through only one filter media on its path through the press.


Motor Identification: TYP DK15LS
Power (Wattage): 2200 W
Voltage/Amperage: 208-220V/10A
Speed/Frequency: 1730 rpm @ 60 Hz.