Jet cooker

Pick Heaters, Inc. SC2-3 Jet Cooker
Pick Heaters, Inc.

Available for scheduled use. Contact Jordan Funkhouser at or (515) 294-3572 for availability.


The SC2-3 pilot-scale heater was designed to heat a variety of slurries at a low product flow rate through a high temperature rise with little or no product degradation. As the slurry is pumped through the jet cooker, the helical flights within the mixing chamber create some turbulent action of the liquid flow, exposing more of the slurry surface to the injector. This ensures proper mixing of the steam from the injector with the product while in the mixing chamber. The unique multiple orifice design allows the steam to pass into the slurry in the form of tiny multiple streams that are easily and quickly absorbed by the liquid stream, thereby elevating the temperature of the liquid stream quickly and effectively within the mixing chamber. Once the produce has been heated to the desired set point, the slurry exits the mixing chamber, flows past the back-pressure control with its low-shear diaphragm and into the flash chamber where it discharges out of the 3-inch bottom port. It is this higher liquid pressure that allows the operator to cook at higher temperatures within the mixing chamber of the SC-cooker without flashing. Since steam is injected directly into the product, only culinary steam should be used, as house steam contains inedible boiler additives.


Motor: Model 32-24588S
Power: 5 HP
Voltage/Amperage: 220V/20A
Air Pressure: Regulator Supply – 20 psi (not to exceed 35 psi or 2.4 bar); Regulator Output – 3-15 psi
Steam Pressure: 40 psig for culinary steam; 100 psig for unfiltered steam
Maximum Temperature: 255ºF
Product Flow Rate: 1-2 gal/min