Mill, dry corn milling system

Witt Corrugating Incorporated Corrugated Roller Mill
Witt Corrugating Incorporated

Available for scheduled use. Contact Hui Wang at or (515) 294-3572 for availability.


The Witt Corrugated-Roller Mill is designed to fractionate dry grain (usually corn) into fractions with desired particle size ranges to produce flaking grits, coarse grits, fine grits, cones and flour using a series of enclosed corrugated roller mills. There is a series of three separately enclosed mills along a large table, each separately controlled by a start/stop activation switch located on the anterior side of the table, directly below and to the left of each mill. Each mill is equipped with one rotating feeding roller and two rotating corrugated grinding rollers measuring 6" in length. One mill is equipped with rolls having 1/8" corrugations for producing flaking and coarse grits; one is equipped with rolls having 1/16" corrugations for producing coarse and fine grits; and another is equipped with 1/32" corrugations to produce fine grits, cones and flour. The gap between the rotating corrugated rolls can be adjusted with a movable lever located on the right side of each mill to achieve the desired particle size. The ground sample is deposited into a drawer located beneath the rolls. A hopper is present above each mill for easy feeding. There is also an automatic feeder attached to a base that is positioned along a track located behind the roller mills. The automatic feeder is equipped with its own hopper and variable-speed control system, and can be easily positioned along the track to accommodate each mill.


Motor: Three Baldor motors (one per mill); Cat #L-3703
Horsepower: 2 HP per motor
Voltage/Amperage: 208-230V; 18.8 Amp
Speed: 1140 rpm @ 60 Hz.