Mill, impact (comminuting)

The Fitzpatrick Company Model D Impact (Comminuting) Mill "FitzMill"
The Fitzpatrick Company

Available for scheduled use. Contact Hui Wang at or (515) 294-3572 for availability.


The FitzMill Comminutor is a versatile size-reduction machine (grinder). The FitzMill allows the user to vary the size of the final product by using the same unit with different screens. The screens control the particle size by controlling the time in the grinding chamber, not the particle size that will go through the holes, per se. A few milling applications include: milling of particulates in slurries, smoothing of ointments, homogenization and emulsification of liquids, producing colloidal suspensions, and reduction of wet-massed materials prior to drying. Dry-size reduction applications include: controlled-size reduction to provide grain-size uniformity, pulverizing granular or crystalline materials to powder for a variety of applications, and deagglomeration of materials. The variables that can be adjusted or easily changed to provide various different end results are: the rotor or tip speed of the blade, the type of blade used, screen size and design, feed throat type and design, and the rate of feed into the mill.


Motor: Supplied by Fitz Elm
Horsepower: Drive Motor – 15 HP; Screw (Feed) Motor – 0.25 HP
Voltage/Amperage: 460 Volts
Drive Motor Speed: Up to 3600 rpm@60 Hz.
Feed Screw Motor: Up to 83 rpm@60 Hz.