Mill, microcut grinder

Stephan Machinery, Inc. MC-15 Microcut Grinder Mill
Stephan Machinery, Inc.

Available for scheduled use. Contact Jordan Funkhouser at or (515) 294-3572 for availability.


The Stephan MC-15 Microcut Grinder is specifically designed for the fine emulsification of coarsely ground food slurries. All parts in contact with food slurries are made of stainless steel or other food-grade material. The arrangement of the rotating cutting head, surrounded by a stationary slanted-tooth cutting ring (for which three different gap sizes of 0.05 mm, 0.2 mm, and 0.5 mm are available), permits material to be finely cut in one single operation. The fineness of the product depends on the selection of the stationary cutting ring and the material to be processed.


Motor: Stephan FD 132M36-2
Wattage: 11 kW
Voltage/Amperage: 440V/35A
Speed/Frequency: 3480 rpm @ 60 Hz.
Maximum Output: 1200 Kg per hour