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Mill, Pellet, California Pellet Mill (CPM)
California Pellet Mill (CPM)

Available for scheduled use. Contact Jordan Funkhouser at or (515) 294-3572 for availability.


The California Laboratory Pellet Mill (Model CL-3) is a vertical ring-type die machine. The die is mounted on the main shaft, which is driven by “V” belts controlled by the main drive motor. Four drive sheaves are furnished to give a selection of die speeds. The roller is mounted on the roller shaft which rotates with bearings encased in the pellet-chamber housing. The material is extruded as pellets through the die. Pellets are normally cut off or broken by the pellet knife. Pellet length is determined by the distance the knife is set away from the die. Material is fed into the pellet mill by a constant-speed feeder screw driven by a ¼-HP gearhead motor. The feed rate from the hopper is regulated by means of an electrically operated, adjustable vibratory feeder which discharges into the feeder screw. Two CPM pellet mills are available for pilot plant use.


Laboratory Pellet Mill

Motor: Motor No. 387467
Power: ¼ HP
Voltage/Phase/Frequency: 230V/3-Phase/60 Hz

Eriez Magnetic Feeder

Model: 20A
Voltage/Frequency/Amperage: 115V/60 Hz/0.5A