Mill, ultra-centrifugal

Retsch GmbH & Co. KG ZM-1 Ultra-Centrifugal Mill
Retsch GmbH & Co. KG

Available for scheduled use. Contact Hui Wang at or (515) 294-3572 for availability.


The Retsch/Brinkmann Centrifugal Grinding Mill (Model ZM-1) is a very versatile grinder available for laboratory use. The mill is ideal for small batches of material (from 3 grams up to 100 grams). It quickly grinds almost any dry sample to a final particle size of 40 microns. Key features include a powerful, dual-speed motor with a speed-selector switch that allows the operator to adjust the speed at either 10,000 or 15,000 rpm, a 60-minute timer, and an amperage meter. It has an easy access for sample recovery and cleaning, as well as a wide selection of rotors and ring sieves. It also has a micro-switch that prevents operation while the lid is open. Materials which can be ground include animal feeds, chemicals, coal, cocoa beans, coffee, corn, cotton seeds, fertilizers, food, pharmaceuticals, plant stems, polyester, polypropylene, soybeans, spices, and many other materials. Temperature-sensitive products or very wet samples are not a problem. If the product cannot be ground due to melting from frictional heat, or is simply too wet or malleable, it can be ground cryogenically after freeze-drying or treatment with dry ice or liquid nitrogen. Larger sample volumes can be ground using the optional vibratory feeder and “cyclone” collection chamber accessories.



Motor: Model ZM-1, AC
Power: 400W @ 10,000 rpm; 600W @ 15,000 rpm
Voltage/Frequency: 110V/50-60 Hz
Speed Selection: By switch, 10,000 or 15,000 rpm

Vibratory Feeder

Model: Model DR15/40
Power: 12W with alternating electromagnetic power
Voltage/Frequency: 110V/60 Hz (Single-Phase)
Oscillation: Adjustable intensity from 0-100 by potentiometer
Timer: 0 to 60 min, or continuous operation