Mini Drum Dryer

Mini Drum Dryer
Custom-built machine

Available for scheduled use. Contact Zhiyou Wen at or (515) 294-0426 for availability.


The Mini-drum Dryer is a custom-built apparatus for drying slurries. Wet material is applied in a thin layer onto the outer surface of the counter-revolving twin drums that are internally heated by steam.  After about 3/4 of a revolution from the point of feeding, the dried product is removed with a static scraper.  The drums are individually driven by a variable speed motor. This unit is effective for drying high viscous liquid, pureed, or paste-like foods.


Motors: Nord Drive Systems, Type SK 372.1-71S/4 CUS, two motors (one per drum)
Horsepower: 0.33 hp per motor
Voltage/Amperage: Motor Capacities - 460/230 V; 1.56/0.78 A; Control Panels - 115 V
Speed/Frequency: Maximum 1710 rpm @ 60 Hz.