Mixer, tempering drum, rotating

Cleform Tool Corporation 59016A Tempering Drum Mixer

Available for scheduled use. Contact Jordan Funkhouser at jfunk@iastate.edu or (515) 294-3572 for availability.


The Automatic Rotating Tempering Drum Mixer (Gilson, Model 59016A) was originally designed to mix cement and/or concrete aggregate. However, the drum mixer can be used to mix and temper grain or another substrate to a specific moisture content through the use of a garden sprayer or another means of delivering moisture. The tempering drum measures 26" deep x 24" wide, with a 16" diameter opening. The drum’s capacity is 5.5 cubic feet. The tempering drum is equipped with a positioning arm that changes the angle of the drum allowing for easy filling and emptying, and an electrical cord with an ON/OFF switch.


Motor: Dayton Electric Split-Phase Motor; Model 5K984D
Horsepower: 0.5 HP
Voltage/Amperage: 115V/8.8A
Speed/Frequency: Maximum 1725 rpm @ 60 Hz.