Pelletizer, plastic, small

Scheer Bay Company BT-25 Small Plastic Pelletizer
Scheer Bay Company

Available for scheduled use. Contact Hui Wang at or (515) 294-3572 for availability.


Scheer Bay strand pelletizers are designed to cut and reduce extruded polymer strands into pellet-size materials. Use of this strand pelletizer is highly recommended for laboratories and small runs. This pelletizer is flexible to run materials from glass-filled engineered resins to soft rubber-like polymers. The BT-25 model can manage four 1/8"-diameter strands of olefins and two 1/8"-diameter strands of engineered resins. Benefits of this pelletizer include optimum strand control due to a larger offset upper feed roll, tool-less entry to the cutting chamber, easily removable rotor and upper feed roll, maintenance-free bearings and a safety interlock feature.


Motor: Model BT-25
Power: (Wattage) 0.55 kW
Voltage/Amperage: 110V/13.9A
Standard Strand Velocity Range: 6–24 meters/min
Standard Rate/Strand: 25 lb/hr