Press, compression molding, 20-ton, hydraulic

Wabash Metal Products 20-1212-2TMB 20 Ton Hydraulic Compression Molding Press
Wabash Metal Products

Available for scheduled use. Contact Jordan Funkhouser at or (515) 294-3572 for availability.


This is a Wabash 20-1212-2TMB model compression molder with serial number 8956. Compression molding is a process of manufacturing materials such as plastic parts using heat and compression force to shape the material into the mold. The raw materials used for compression molding are typically in the form of granules or pre-extruded pellets. The raw material is placed in a mold, closed tightly then positioned inside the open heated cavity. The press may also be used for laminating wood products to set the adhesive). The temperatures, pressures and curing time used depend on the material formulation and desired product specification. This compression molder has a maximum capacity of 20 tons of pressure.


Motor Identification: Lincoln AC, Model 20-1212-2TMB
Horsepower: 1.5 HP
Electrical Power Voltage: 460V/3-Phase/60 Hz
Amperage: 5.6A (Starting); 21A (Full-load)
Maximum Compression: 20 Tons
Compression Cycle: 5x6@60 Hz.