Pump, 1-5 gpm


Available for scheduled use. Contact Hui Wang at huiwang@iastate.edu or (515) 294-3572 for availability.


The Robbins-Myers Moyno Sanitary Pump is a progressive cavity pump.  The pumping action is created by the single-helical rotor rolling eccentrically in the double-threaded helix of the stator.  In its revolution, the rotor forms (in conjunction with the stator) a series of sealed cavities 180° apart.  As the rotor turns, the cavities progress from the flow inlet (suction) to the discharge end of the pump.  As one cavity diminishes, the opposing cavity increases at exactly the same rate.  As a result, the sum of the two discharges remains a constant volume that creates a pulsation-free, positive-displacement flow without valves.  An optional clean-in-place (CIP) capability enables the Moyno Sanitary Pump to be cleaned without being disassembled. 


Motor Identification: Reliance Electric Duty Master
Motorized Power: ½  HP
Voltage/Amperage: 208-230V/2A
Motor Speed/Frequency: 1725 rpm @ 60 Hz.
Flow Rate (Range): 1 - 5 gal/min