Researcher using the Alcohol Fermentation Monitor

Areas of Research Excellence

  • Bioadhesives and composite building materials
  • Biodiesel, oleochemicals, and biobased lubricants
  • Degradable plastics made from vegetable oils, starches, and proteins
  • Fats and oils chemistry and processing
  • Fermentation and other conversions
  • Grain quality testing
  • Pharmaceuticals and industrial enzymes
  • Plant fractionation
  • Starch chemistry and utilization
  • Soy protein chemistry and utilization


The Center for Crops Utilization Research specializes in biofuels and biolubricants, biopolymers and biocomposites, grain quality, and advanced food technologies research. Affiliated faculty from 14 departments in five different colleges at Iowa State have earned international reputations by pioneering a variety of new products from agricultural resources and developing new processes.

Current Research Projects Underway

Biobased Products

Biofuels and Co-products

Business Development

Food Technologies

Grain Quality Control