Industry Assistance Programs

CCUR's pilot plants provide commercial enterprises a cost-effective way to test new products and processes without interrupting their usual production regimens. CCUR's involvement can take an number of forms --- from simple equipment rental, through technical assistance with equipment usage, through cooperative research contracts or proprietary agreements. Equipment rental and support staff payment can take a number of forms including equipment donation and in-kind services.

Firms have contracted with CCUR for technical services that include: grain quality analysis, starch and protein separation and analysis, oil extraction, spray or tray drying, centrifugation, extrusion, test kitchen food preparation, sensory analysis, and a host of related activities.

Industry Incubator Space Fee Schedule

Pilot Plant: $35 per square foot, per year

Laboratory (typically 400 square feet): $30 per square foot, per year

Office (typically 120 square feet): $25 per square foot, per year

Previous & Current Incubator Clients

  • Ajinomoto
  • ExSeed Genetics LLC
  • Gross-Wen Technologies (current client)
  • IdeoPak (current client)
  • Kemin Industries, Inc.
  • Mrs. Clark's Foods
  • Essentia Protein Solutions (formerly Proliant Meat Ingredients)
  • Renewable Energy Group
  • SAFI-Tech (current client)
  • StratiTek

Industry Incubator Program

The CCUR industry incubator program, composed of three laboratories and six offices, helps small technology companies start a successful business or expand their existing business. Businesses are allotted space for short periods of time (up to 2 years) to network with faculty, test new products and processes, and use pilot-plant scale equipment and other labs. Businesses can also receive assistance in developing successful, permanent off‑site business operations.

ExSeed Genetics LLC - A Success Story

An example of the incubator’s impact is ExSeed Genetics LLC, which entered the incubator shortly after its inception in 1994. The company provides value-enhanced grain traits to feed, food, and industrial markets. ExSeed started the program with three employees and employed 25 people when the company moved to the Iowa State University Research Park (many of them Iowa State graduates). The company had grown to 50 employees before becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of BASF Plant Science. ExSeed benefited from access to CCUR labs and pilot plants, the Iowa State library, and interactions with Iowa State faculty and staff.

Ribbon Cutting at ExSeed's Office Space
Ceremonial ribbon cutting at Exseed's office space at the Iowa State Research Park.