Sharples Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge

Sharples P-66Horizontal Decanting Centrifuge

Available for scheduled use. Contact Zhiyou Wen at or (515) 294-0426 for availability.


The pilot-scale continuous horizontal decanting centrifuge has a bowl dimension of 6"x14" (DxL). It has a maximum processing capacity of about 5 gal/min (depending on solids content in the slurry). The bowl and conveyor differential speed can be controlled individually with the maximum bowl speed of 6,000 rpm (or 3,067 x g force).

The decanter is mainly used in the downstream treatment of the pilot-scale dry-grind corn ethanol process to separate the whole stillage into a liquid fraction (thin stillage) and a solid fraction (wet cake), which are then dried and mixed to produce distillers' dry grains and solubles (DDGS), as it is done in industry. It can also be used for other liquid-solids separation where the precipitable solids are in a relatively high concentration in a suspension system.